| Step 1: Upload your file

| Step 2: Set parameters
Set the n_estimators value The number of trees in the forest.

Set the max_features value
The number of features to consider when looking for the best split:
  • If int, then consider max_features features at each split.
  • If float, then max_features is a percentage and int(max_features * n_features) features are considered at each split.
  • If “auto”, then max_features=sqrt(n_features).
  • If “sqrt”, then max_features=sqrt(n_features).
  • If “log2”, then max_features=log2(n_features).
  • If None, then max_features=n_features.

Set the threshold value
The threshold value to use for feature selection. Features whose importance is greater or equal are kept while the others are discarded.(e.g., “1.25*mean”, "median", "1e-5", '0.001')